Innovation in Music Conference

Innovation in Music Conference
2023 Conference

Have you ever had the bubbling feeling of joy from discovering a new approach, a piece of hardware, an instrument, a method or perspective, and then enthusiastically sharing your new discovery with your peers?

 For Innovation in Music 2024, we want you to tap into the childish enthusiasm of sharing new discoveries, and present research on the things everyone should try!

For innovations to be spread and applied, both in music and otherwise, enthusiasm and the joy of discovery has always been key. Whether a new piece of hardware or the band you discovered at a surprise gig, organic marketing by ‘joyous dissemination’ has been a crucial success factor to countless innovations. On a personal level, asking our peers ‘have you tried this?’ activates the questioner’s enthusiasm for sharing, and the respondent’s curiosity. New discoveries keep us hungry to learn more about our field, expand our perspectives and eager to try new approaches. Hence, we invite researchers, scholars, practitioners, and innovators to join us at InMusic 24 and ask; ‘have you tried THIS?’!

Innovation In Music
Video’s delen met vrienden, familie en de rest van de wereld

 This conference theme can be broadly interpreted, and we encourage presentations on all kinds of ‘innovation in music’, related to topics such as:

  • Innovative production, recording, mixing and mastering
  • Innovative performance and composition 
  • Innovative music business and promotion
  • Novel music technology
  • New approaches to music research and methodology
  • Novel ways of promoting diversity, equality and representation within music
  • Innovations for sustainability in music

A Dolby Atmos system will be available for demonstrations/performances/workshops.

June 14-16, Oslo, Norway